Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services on the Coffs Coast cover a wide variety of properties including showrooms, displays, retail stores and larger premises such as theatres and cinemas.


Our team arrive armed with the best cleaning products and will ensure your bathrooms, floors, windows, change rooms, mirrors, counters walls and everything else is cleaned to perfection with the minimum intrusion to your business.

Offices are one of our specialties. Whether it is a multi level law firm with hundreds of workstations, an open concept design looking after IT Services or a more intimate space for accountants, our team will attend prepared to ensure that workstations, desks and counters are left spotless, with keyboards dusted, monitors cleaned and wastepaper and garbage bins emptied and refreshed.

We will ensure that your kitchen area is tidy and clean along with your lunch rooms, boardroom and individual offices. 

Medical Cleaning

Health & medical establishments are some of the most scrutinised spaces for cleanliness. If you operate a clinic, dentist, specialists consulting rooms, pathology collection point, allied health service or anything health related, we will ensure that the appearance of the property is of an extremely high standard to keep even the fussiest of clients content. Let's organise a consultation to tailor a cleaning package to suit your operating hours and meet your requirements.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial spaces such as mechanics and automotive businesses, sheds and warehouses, civil work and road building plants, construction sites and manufacturing businesses can very quickly become dirty given the nature of the business who use them.

We ensure that these spaces are left to a high standard so that grease, dirt and waste does not make its way into your next high profile job's finish. Whilst the apprentice may be able to give those floors a quick tidy up at the end of the day, nothing keeps employees working better than a clean and contaminant free workplace which will keep them feeling fresh and will result in a high standard of workmanship. Get in touch and let's look at what we can do for you and your budget.

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Backed by over 18 years of commercial experience, we take pride in our work and are confident we will make your commercial cleaning worries a thing of the past.

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